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Mechanair works with owners who care about the quality of their company's work, the well-being of their team members, and their customers' success. We can help you reap your hard-earned rewards, take your company to the next level, and preserve your legacy with those shared beliefs.

Our Companies

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HVAC/MEP Contractor

Revenues of $30M+ and/or Net Income of $3M+

Businesses performing construction services such as HVAC installation, Plumbing, Process Piping, Refrigeration, Electrical, and Automation Systems. Preferably, you have provide value-added engineering and have a specialization in healthcare, industrial, biotech, or warehousing.

Located in areas surrounding Philadelpha, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Trenton, Cleveland, and Raleigh

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HVAC/MEP Maintenance Service Provider

Revenues of $2M+

Businesses with recurring preventative HVAC, plumbing, and/or electrical maintenance contracts performing regularly scheduled maintenance and regular repair work for customers in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and commercial spaces.

Located in areas surrounding Chicago, Washington DC, Richmond, and Chesapeake

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Benefits of Joining MechanAir

We were founded by entrepreneurs and operators. Unlike traditional Private Equity we understand and have experienced running a business and respect the challenges and decisions business owners face; we take a collaborative approach to business growth and improvement with our team members

  • Autonomy Allowing local teams to manage largely independently while sharing best practices across a family of regional pillars
  • Back Office Support Providing high caliber support in engineering, accounting, marketing, and technology adoption
  • Better Employee Benefits Leveraging our scale to provide better healthcare benefits and training perks to team members
  • Financial Upside Rewarding you and your team for your hard work to date and participation in future upside

What's the acquisition process?

  1. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement We can hop on a call or meet you in person to provide more details about our plans for MechanAir and any other questions you have
  2. Perform Initial Business Assessment We create a data request for some initial information that gives us an overall picture of your business
  3. Agree on a Valuation Based on the information provided, we provide you with a fair offer for the value of your business
  4. Share a Letter of Intent Our LOI lays out the terms of the transaction and our overall proposal
  5. Perform Confirmatory Due Diligence We dive deeper into your business to clearly understand your people, operations, and finances
  6. Negotiate and Execute a Purchase Agreement We work with you to professionally and expediently prepare a purchase agreement that reflects our negotiated deal
  7. Close Ahead of close, we begin creating a 30, 60, 180 day plan with you and your management team to make the transition post-close as smooth as possible